Why? Discover the path to the best version of you by learning simple habits that make healthy easy without eliminating all the things you love.

Who? PEAK clients or anyone who is looking to up their fitness and nutrition game to achieve their best selves. Kara, PEAK Instructor and Precision Nutrition Certified Coach , will be guiding you on this journey to optimal health.

What is the PEAK Nutrition Fit Challenge? Challenge yourself to achieve your most healthy self through weekly nutrition tips and lessons to optimize your energy through the food you eat. You will also benefit from coaching on overcoming common nutrition and fitness hurdles. In addition, you will receive encouragement and the motivation from your coaches and others in the group. Some of these lessons may include but are not limited to; tracking your progress, 5- Healthy Habits cheat sheet, kitchen makeovers, a grocery shopping tour, learning about fruits, veggies, sugar and eating on the go! There will be many surprises and giveaways along our journey.

How and Where? This challenge is online through a private Facebook Group. You will receive an invitation to after our first meeting on October 1st. Information can be viewed on your own time, commented on or discussed whenever it is convenient for you, or not! Kara will be available through Facebook Messenger for any nutritional questions, needs or concerns!

Daily Inspiration and Check-Ins –  You will have the benefit of daily tips, recipes, or nutritional lessons (some live through facebook) from Kara, Kimber, or Liz. It is your job to comment, react, like, or post daily to show that you are present, committed and to hold yourself accountable. Please feel free to post freely, questions are encouraged and will be answered as promptly as possible.  Recipes, pictures, your own struggles, fun quotes, etc. are also encouraged. We are all each other’s CHEERLEADERS!!!

When  October 1st is the KICK OFF MEETING at PEAK (you must be registered by 9/28) . The informational meeting is October 1st. Your challenge begins Monday, October 2nd and runs through Sunday, November 26th. Please try to attend the informational meeting on 10/1 at 9:00 AM at PEAK. You should pre-register through MindBody Online (search 10/1 the workshop is there). You have the benefit of being our first group to go through this challenge therefore the discounted cost is $80 for the 8-week session.

Kara, PEAK Instructor and Precision Nutrition Certified Coach